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Welcome to the treasure trove of technical links and web ramblings from a conservative, web developer/admin.  Detailing my latest finds and plain thoughts on Microsoft, .Net, Web Development and the pursuit of standards-based markup in a Microsoft and Visual Studio based world.

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Search:  Google, BingYahoo, duckduckgo
Mail: Live, GMail, Roadrunner,
Social: delicious, twitter, linkedin, facebook, youtube,
Cloud:  skydrive, dropbox
References: phone search, dictionary, grammar, maps, weather, radar, businesses, youversion

Developer and Admin Workbench

Support: DNSStuff, Netcraft, ServerMojo, Browser Stats, What Is My IP, MyBrowserInfo
Generators: GUID, Images Sized, Lorem Ipsum, Random Text, Random List, Passwords, Strings, Calendar Maker
Converters: CoolTools, VB to C#, Color Codes,
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Validators: XHTMLW3C RSS, RSSBoard.org, JSON, Physical Address
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Calculators: Calculators/Converters, File Transfer Time, Broadband Speed
Testers: XSLT, C# code,
Design Tools:  Kuler, jsfiddle, FontAwesome
Images: (free) fotogrph, vecteezy, gettyimages (paid) fotolia.com

Quick References (PDF)

CSS v2, Javascript, HTML ( Entities), RGB, RegEx, MSSQL, XSLT
...by the way, Cheat Sheets rocks!!
...by the way, Tutorials Point rocks! 
...by the way, w3schools rocks!

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