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posted on: Friday, December 11, 2015 by: jhildeman


First of all, I have been Microsoft person for years.  I generally prefer the Windows/PC approach of customization over strict convention (i.e. Apple approach - this is the right way and that's the way it works).  It pains me to dump on a tool I have been using since literally Windows 1.0 (yes I actually did have a Win 1.0 install on some weird box but never used it much), mostly Win 3.0, 3.1, 3.11 WFW, Win95, Win98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, Win7, Win8, 8.1, Win10..  I use a Windows Phone (although my HTC One is really buggy now - will probably go iPhone next time around).  I am a developer so I work with Windows from the front end to the back end, as a user and as a developer and admin, as someone who browses the web as well as someone who builds for the web.  That being said, here are my opinions as submitted to Microsoft.

I use Windows 10 in "tablet mode" on a Dell XPS 12 9q33 64-bit".  I also use Windows 10 on an HP Pavilion Elite HPE.


Specific Issues/Objections

  • Every so often, it jumps out of tablet mode and back to that ugly partial home screen.  No specific reason, it just stops being in tablet mode.
  • Workflow: Open Outlook, open email, close email and I end up back at the home screen instead of in outlook.  WTH? Why not back to Outlook where I started.   There are a lot of little situations like this where the context is lost and workflow broken.
  • List of apps does not show the "snipping tool" - where did it go?  I can just type in it's name and search for it.. Say what?  Then what...can I add it to the apps?  No.  Can I "favorite" it?  No.  I can pin to task bar or pin to the start screen.
  • Start button list - no ability to "favorite" something - instead I get a stupid "most used" which continually changes and never seems to be what I actually used most.  It cannot be counted on to find my important tools.
  • Microsoft Edge - again this useless "most used" list which never reflects what I use the most
  • Microsoft Edge - again useless "news feed" with very limited customizability.  Let me put my own pages there and stop pushing things at me.  Not a fan.
  • Microsoft Edge - no ability to dictate what page opens in a new tab.
  • Snapping to one side or the other used to be very nice, very simple in Windows 7.  Very predictable and simple - half screen snaps.  Now they have incorporated 1/4 screen snaps that makes it hard to get a simple half screen snap to work.  I don't like that you make me reselect what application I want snapped opposite.  If I keep snapping something to the left, I have to keep reselecting the same thing on the right side.  Poor.
  • I cannot open a .MOV video file with anything.  Suddenly all the HD video from my Canon Powershot SX40HS is unviewable.  Thanks.  I know it's an Apple format and I don't care - neither should you.
  • Windows Media center is gone and you gave us NO REPLACEMENT!  Now I have a TV Tuner card in my HP desktop that is useless.  UPDATE: I have currently trying out Media Portal.  I'll post an update as I have it.
  • The old desktop behavior of clicking on an app on the taskbar and click it again toggled between minimized and restored...that's gone.
  • Upgrading my Win 8.1 on Dell XPS 13" lost my customizations to my home screen (all groups gone, my icons gone).
  • Home screen live tiles cannot be "renamed" to something "that I find useful".  Example:  link to a web page with a big long ugly SEO title and you get a useless live tile "shortcut".  No rename.  No choices.
  • No ability to set a live tile icon that might mean something to me.  Seeing the Edge logo on 10 links I use all the time is not useful.
  • The other day my Dell XPS magically reboots as I'm looking at it and applies updates for the next 1 hour.  There was no advanced warning.  There was no ability to delay the reboot while I saved my work.  In addition, it was as I was ready to leave work -- not very convenient -- hope I didn't have anything that needed saving.
    • UPDATE: there is a setting that prevents this annoyance.  Start/Settings/Updates/Advanced Settings/ and goto "choose how updates are installed".  By default, it is "automatic", change it to "notify to schedule restart"
  • Cortana does not work with my microphone - useless even though I have a high-end Dell XPS convertible (i.e. not a cheap machine)
  • How are "settings for tablet mode" a "notification"???
  • One good thought…OneNote is still awesome in all clients (Metro, 2013 desktop, phone).  When are we bringing Ctrl-dot (bulleted list) to Outlook??
  • Preview pane fails to preview when used in an "insert a file" modal window


General Thoughts

  • Windows 10 strikes me as a poor over-reaction to too many customer complaints about wanting Win8.1 to be more like Windows 7.  You had finally started to head down a "refined design path" (like Apple) and Windows 10 feels like you just dumped that and went back to Win7 plus.  Windows 10 should really be called Windows 7.5 if we're being honest.  By the way, what happened to windows 9?
  • Microsoft Store:  Lookup the TD Ameritrade App (and others I've used before) say "This App will not work on your device".  Why?  How?  What next?  No context.  No help.  Just another "it doesn't work like it used to".
  • It feels as though Microsoft has forgotten that "Software Applications sell the operating system" and not the other way around!!  The windows 8 and 10 apps are just not that mature or rich.  They are all staying as "desktop apps".  Illustrator.  Photoshop.   Even the good metro apps are not well known,  publicized or advertised - everything appears equivalent in the store.
  • Why should I buy Windows?  How about because of One Note - you still WAY, WAY under market this golden jewel of an application.  How about marketing your top notch applications, maybe something like "StaffPad" that demonstrates amazing stuff with the pen.
  • Have you guys read the book "Don't Make Me Think"?


I am sorry if it stings but that is my honest assessment as of December 11, 2015.  Updated 12/30/2015.


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