Umb Courier - first look

posted on: Thursday, October 7, 2010 by: jhildeman

Alright, we have a site that needs upgrading from v3.x to v4.0.2.1.  I've been wanting to look at Courier and see what it can do so here we go. 

First question we'll try to answer is can it take and old version and move it to a new "empty" version. 

Backup everything first (both dirs, both dbs)
1) Install courier for Umb 3.x package on v3 site
1a)ISSUE: Install package assumes /Umbraco directory which we don't have because
          of rebranding which is why we bought the Pro package.  Grrr.
   Moved everything under /Umbraco to our rebranded directory
1b)Looks good.  Looks like we have a "transfer to staging" option in the context menu.
2) Install courier for Umb 4.x package on v4 site
3) Copy .lic file to both /bin directories
4) Right click "[Send to Demosite]" and we get the "Error with Licensing" page.  Checked with support and it turned out that it was a .lic file that was set only for .local domains.  They will send a new .lic file.

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